Awakening the Third Eye Meditation Workshop

October 8th & 9th, 2022

Oahu, Hawai'i

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What is an Awakening the Third Eye Workshop?

A dynamic 2-day meditation workshop that introduces you to the techniques that awaken your third eye. The third eye is a gateway to higher states of consciousness and experiences of spiritual vision.

This is an introductory workshop to the techniques of the Clairvision School, a school of meditation and spirituality that emphasizes experiential knowledge.


It will be an interactive weekend, with straightforward techniques and tools to help you on your path towards greater clarity and awakening. 

Come join us!

What Will You Learn?

Third Eye Meditation

The third eye is a structure of inner vision and the command center of the body of energy.


You will learn a daily meditation that you can do at home. It is the foundation on which all of the other techniques rest.

Grounding Your Energy

Being grounded means you can face anything and remain centered. 

The third eye provides a pathway for activating this at will. Life provides endless opportunities to practice. 

Night Practice

A set of techniques designed to bridge the waking and sleeping states of consciousness.

Deep recuperation and improved sleep are tangible benefits, but the practice goes far beyond that.


Vision is seeing reality directly as it is, beyond the filters of the mind.


All of the techniques that we will cover will develop your non-physical senses by cultivating clarity, intuition, and vision.

Dynamic Awareness

Awareness is cultivated on and off the meditation cushion.


Applying the third eye to daily activities is an essential process in self transformation work. 

Opening Your Heart

The heart is an energetic structure, or chakra. It is a gateway to greater parts of yourself.

As you awaken the heart, you will become more present and receptive in your life.


"The best of all spiritual practices is... the one that you put into practice."

From a story related to Hindu master Ma Ananda Mai

Additional Information

Location & Time 

Windward Retreat Center

51-030 Huamalani Rd. 

Kaaawa, HI 96730


October 8th & 9th, 2022

Sat 9:30am–5pm

Sun 9:30am–4pm

Note: There will be no overnight accommodations offered for this workshop. 


$225 per person

$195 if registered by Oct 1

Pay by check, cash, credit card or PayPal

Email us to register:

What to Bring

A spirit of curiosity and wonder!


Extra blankets and pillows for sitting and laying down practices.

A packed lunch. There are no places nearby for food options, so best to bring your own.


Hat and sunglasses. There is an outdoor area to eat lunch and relax.

Meditation Class

Your Instructors

Rebecca Pell

Hi, I'm Rebecca and I have been a student of the Clairvision School for the past 19 years. I have instructed ATE workshops in Boston and Los Angeles. I have also instructed courses in Inner Space Techniques (IST) at the school's headquarters in Northern California and at their center in Berkeley, California.

I studied energetic healing directly under the school's founder, Dr. Samuel Sagan, for seven years. I continue to train and study with the school in energetic healing and consciousness studies.

I practice as a family nurse practitioner on Oahu in primary care. I also work with clients one-on-one doing energetic healing and IST sessions.

Christopher Lyman

Hi, my name is Chris, and I have been a student of the Clairvision School for the past 13 years. My journey started when I found one of Samuel's books sitting in the free bin at the library. I took it home, started doing the practices and never stopped. Wonder and curiosity are my driving forces.

I have been an instructor in residential IST courses at the school's headquarters in Northern California, where I have had the privilege of training directly under Samuel Sagan. 

I am also a certified freediving instructor, and I love the application of techniques of consciousness to breath hold diving.


Register for the Workshop

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